RTnet configuration

The rtnet.conf file is read by the rtnet startup script as it is started, it sets up the rtnet environment at startup. The entries in this file are discussed next:

File Entries

RT_DRIVER: This entry specifies the real-time driver that will be used to run the network card. Not all network cards are supported by RTnet, to find the drivers that are supported look at the source code for the drivers under /drivers. The compiled drivers are located under /modules.::

RT_DRIVER_OPTIONS: There might be more that one network card installed on a system. To identify which card has should be used by RTnet, this entry specifies it with a 1. To find out which card is represented by which place in this setup configuration change the placement of the 1 and start rtnet in master mode. When you plug the network cable into a hub, the active card’s LED will flicker constantly as it is looking for slaves.::

IPADDR: The IP address of this system is setup here.; NETMASK: If a netmask is used in the network, it is setup here.
RT_LOOPBACK: If the loopback option was selected in the installation setup of RTnet then you can specify with this entry if the loopback device will be active or not. This loopback is used for testing the correct workings of RTnet, see the installation instructions for further

details on its use.
RTCAP: To be able to use the Ethereal Network Analyzer with RTnet this entry is used. This also is only valid if real-time capturing support was sellected at RTnet’s installation. For further information see /Documentation/README.rtcap and RTnet - A Flexible Hard Real-Time Networking Framework

TDMA_MODE: This entry specifies if this system is acting as the master or the slave in the network. See /Documentation/README.rtmac for more details regarding the TDMA setup.::

TDMA_SLAVES: When this system was set up as the master, then the slaves on the network has to be listed here. If this system was set up as slave, leave this blank::

TDMA_CYCLE: For a simple TMDA setup, the TDMA cycle time in microseconds are listed here, only used if the system is setup as the master.
TDMA_OFFSET: For a simple TMDA setup, the TDMA offset time in microseconds are listed here, only used if the system is setup as the master.
TDMA_CONFIG: When the simple TDMA setup is not used and a more complicated setup is needed then this entry specifies the TDMA config file to use. It is usually situated at /etc/tdma.conf. See /Documentation/README.rtmac for setup details of the tdma.conf file::